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450 W. Goodwin Street, Suite 102A, Prescott, AZ 86303

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I have suffered from low back pain for more than ten years.  I've undergone low back surgery, numerous injections, and have been living on pain pills for years.  Recently it was recommend I have another surgery due to the pain.  I was apprehensive due to the fact that I still had so much pain after my first low back surgery.  In addition to surgery, pain pills, and injections I had seen numerous physical therapists and chiropractors.  I didn't think there was much else that could be done.  I felt like I was going to have to deal with my back hurting for the rest of my life. Luckily I stumbled in to Gage Permar's office.  When I first saw Gage I was walking with a cane and literally scared to move for fear of throwing out my back.  Bending forward or simply walking at a fast pace hurt so much it made me cry.  Because of the pain I hardly moved, my days were spent lying in bed or on the couch.  Within two weeks of seeing Gage I was walking without a cane.  Within five or six weeks of seeing Gage I was walking around my block and doing special exercises to strengthen my back muscles.  I continued to see Gage for treatment over the course of the next several months though visits became less frequent.  At this point I can bend forward all the way without pain and without fear of pain.  I can walk and exercise daily.  I've lost weight and am more healthy in many other ways simply because I move more and exercise regularly.  It took months but I no longer take pain pills daily.  I chose not to undergo a second back surgery.  I feel like a new person, I had become so accustomed to being in pain I wasn't really myself anymore.  I still have pain from time to time but it's manageable and it's not constant.  I do what I want when I want instead of never doing anything because of pain.  Thank you Gage for giving me my life back.  Looking forward to your book coming out!  I'll be first on the list to buy it, make sure you let me know when it's done.   --C.R., Tucson

- C.R., Tucson

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease over five years ago. Medication and periodic bouts of physical therapy treatment have been the mainstay of my treatment program over the past five years.  Needless to say I have seen my share of physical therapists.  I have accomplished more over the past four weeks working with Gage than I have over the past five years.  I am walking around my home without a walker, I can stand up without the assistance of a caregiver, and most importantly I have a home program I can complete on my own that will slow the progression of Parkinson's.  Thank you Gage for your knowledge and for caring about me and my situation.  -- P.J.

- P.J., Tucson

I had achilles tendonitis for more than six months.  I tried orthotics, stretching, strengthening, massage, and injections.  I even wore a walking boot around for several months.  The pain would not go away and I was unable to hike or play with my kids.  I saw Gage and he recommended we tape the tendon.  I was up to try anything, I had already tried everything else.  Honestly though, I was skeptical.  Why would a simple piece of tape do anything if all this other stuff didn't work?  Gage used two pieces of tape to position the tendon in a way he said would take some of the tension off of it.  He said it may or may not work but that it wouldn't hurt.  The next day I woke up without pain!  I've had no issues since.  Gage said maybe we just got lucky and the timing was right, he felt like maybe all the other treatments combined to eventually make the pain go away or the body finally healed itself.  I don't buy it, the next day my pain was gone for the first time in over half a year!  I think it was the tape and I'm grateful I saw Gage before I just gave up on my foot.--M.G., Alaska

- M.G., Alaska

"I was in a vehicular accident and my primary doctor referred me to Gage. I was barely able to walk and had extreme pain, even when sitting or laying down. After a few therapy visits I was much better. Due to the severity of my injury, I continued therapy, making continual progress with Gage's aid and instruction. Gage's knowledge and experience got me mobile, made me well and I remember and use his instructions to keep my back healthy to this day. Very lucky for me to have Gage support my recovery. While the accident was difficult, I feel blessed to have met Gage. "

- D.V.

You have helped me immeasurably. Among the things you taught me, the most important was that you gave me hope.  Without hope I could not have begun to recover. Your knowledge, your skills, your patience, your ability to relate, your concern for your patient's needs, your determination, make you a great physical therapist.  Thank you for everything.  -- J.C.  

- J.C, Tucson