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450 W. Goodwin Street, Suite 102A, Prescott, AZ 86303

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(928) 589-1172

450 W. Goodwin Street, Suite 102A, Prescott, AZ 86303

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Permar Physical Therapy is offering a $500 scholarship to one individual each semester as a way to encourage students to pursue education.

To be eligible for the scholarship applicants must be a resident of the United States and currently enrolled at  an accredited college or in high school with plans to attend college during the award year. We encourage anyone who meets this criteria to apply.


Applicants must submit a 1000 word essay addressing each of the following topics:

1. Why are you a good candidate to receive this award?

2. Why do you want to get a college education?

3. Describe your short and long term goals.

4. Financially, how would this scholarship impact your education and future goals?


Essays must be submitted to Applicants must include in the body of their submission email their name, phone number, email address, school they are currently attending and college they wish to receive the award on their behalf. Application deadline for the Fall 2015 semester is July 1, 2015 and the  winner will be notified by August 1, 2015.

The scholarship will only be offered to one person per semester and will be a one time $500 award. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college of the selected recipient.

For questions, please contact us at